Frequently Asked Questions

What is Orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology, also referred to as Ortho-K, Overnight Vision Correction, Corneal Refractive Therapy or CRT is a sophisticated non-surgical process that temporarily reshapes the cornea while you sleep using specially designed oxygen permeable therapeutic contact lenses. You remove the Ortho-K Lenses when you wake up and can go throughout the day without any other vision correction.

I’ve never heard of Orthokeratology, is it new?

The idea of contact lens corneal reshaping is not a new concept. The process was referred to previously as Orthokeratology and was only as successful as technology allowed. For this reason, many doctors and patients elected not to participate in Orthokeratology. Recent advancements in computerized corneal mapping, computerized manufacturing, and oxygen permeable contact lens materials have produced therapeutic contact lens designs that were not possible before.

Is Orthokeratology safe?

Ortho-K Lenses are very safe. Ortho-K Lenses are therapeutic lenses designed and approved by the FDA for overnight application. We use only FDA approved materials from reputable manufacturers. It is safe for children and adults.

Is Orthokeratology Permanent?

No. It’s temporary. If you stop wearing Ortho-K Lenses regularly while you sleep, your vision will return to its original state in as little as 72 hours.

Do all eye doctors perform Orthokeratology?

No. Doctors who perform Ortho-K are specially trained and certified to perform Ortho-K. Dr. Mendelson, FIAOMC, Dr. Johnson, and Dr. Lau, FSLS, have extensive training in Ortho-K and have performed this technique with a combined experience of nearly 40 years with thousands of satisfied Ortho-K Lens patients. Dr. Mendelson has the designation of FIAOMC, a Fellow of the International Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control. This designation is earned after fitting hundreds of patients and passing extensive written and oral exams with case study reports.

What should I keep in mind when wearing Ortho-K Lenses?

  • Never rinse Ortho-K Lenses or cases with tap or bottled water.
  • Do not wear Ortho-K Lenses while in the presence of noxious substances.
  • Do not use hairspray around the Ortho-K Lenses.
  • Do not use Boston Simplus cleaner.
  • Do not get alcohol on the Ortho-K Lenses.
  • Avoid contact with non-sterile surfaces other than the Ortho-K Lens case contents.
  • Do not wear Ortho-K Lenses for any significant period of time with your eyes open.
  • Let your doctor know about any pain or pain accompanied by sensitivity to light.
  • Keep the Ortho-K Lenses case clean as directed.
  • Keep tip of your solution bottles clean and sterile.
  • Use of additional solutions or eye drops should be discussed with your doctor prior to use.
  • Stay up-to-date with your annual examination and Ortho-K Lenses check-up.

Can everyone wear Ortho-K Lenses?

Ortho-K treats nearsightedness (myopia up to –6.00 diopters) with or without minor astigmatism (up to –1.75 diopters). And because there are no age restrictions on Ortho-K, Ortho-K Lenses may be the perfect option for any member of the family including active adolescents. The doctor will provide more information about this therapy if it is right for you.

I suffer from dry eyes. Am I a candidate for Ortho-K?

Patients with mild dry eyes do well with Ortho-K Lenses. Since you are wearing the lenses only while sleeping, the closed eye state minimizes evaporative loss of tears and can give dry eye patients suitable vision without compromising the ocular surface.

I used to wear contact lenses, but stopped due to discomfort. Am I a candidate for Ortho-K?

Ortho-K Lenses are worn at night while you are sleeping. This greatly reduces any discomfort normally experienced while wearing contact lenses during the day.

I have astigmatism. Am I a candidate for Ortho-K?

Yes. Ortho-K is designed to correct myopia with up to 1.75 diopters astigmatism.

How long does it take to reach good vision?

Most patients have rapid improvement in the first few days of treatment and achieve nearly their optimum vision in 10 to 14 days.

Can I see with my Ortho-K Lenses in?

Yes. One of the great features of the Ortho-K Lens is that if you get up in the middle of the night, you will be able to see perfectly. You will enjoy great vision with your Ortho-K Lenses on or off.

How often will I have to replace my Ortho-K Lenses?

Typically, Ortho-K Lenses are replaced annually. However, depending on factors such as protein buildup, how well the lenses are taken care of, etc., the lenses may need to be replaced more often or less frequently.

How do I care for my Ortho-K Lenses?

Your lenses should be chemically disinfected after every use (no heat). We will instruct you about which care system is best for you.

My driver’s license is marked that I need corrective lenses to operate a motor vehicle. What do I do about that?

Your eye care professional will supply you with a document that states you are participating in a visual therapy program that eliminates the need for corrective lenses while operating a motor vehicle.

What happens if I lose or damage a lens?

Immediate replacement is necessary! Having a spare pair of lenses is strongly recommended. Ortho-K Lenses are different than wearing regular contact lenses. If you discontinue wear for one night, your vision may be impaired the next day. Previously worn glasses or contact lenses may not help.

Do benefit programs cover Ortho-K Lenses?

This is an elective procedure, and to the best of our knowledge Ortho-K Lenses are not usually covered by benefit programs. If regular contact lenses are covered under your vision care plan, Ortho-K Lenses may be partially covered.

Are Ortho-K Lenses painful?

The therapy is not painful. Initially, you may have a slight awareness of the therapeutic lens. You will not feel the lenses when you sleep and there is no sense of physical corneal change, only visual improvement when the lenses are removed.

Are there age restrictions for Ortho-K Lenses?

No. The FDA places no age restrictions on candidates for Ortho-K Lenses. Correction is being successfully performed on children as well as adults. It can be a great option for children and teens that are active in sports activities or any other extracurricular activities.

If I discontinue wearing Ortho-K Lenses, will my vision return to normal?

If you stop wearing Ortho-K Lenses, your vision will return to its original state within 72 hours.