We think our Patient Testimonials speak volumes about the success of going glasses-free. Our friends want to share their stories in the hope you’ll be encouraged to find the method that best fits your own lifestyle. See what they have to say!


I love using CRT at night because it lets me see in the morning without glasses. It’s very convenient when I play basketball or go swimming.

Winnie, mother of current patient

We first learned our son had vision problems when he couldn’t read the board at school.

My son does a lot of water sports so glasses aren’t really an option. We were originally with another doctor but they didn’t have the technology to custom fit the lenses for my sons needs so we went to Myopicare. 

He has used Nighttime Lenses for 8 years and enjoys playing the sports he loves, without the worry of his glasses falling off or being broken.

Everyone at Myopicare goes out of their way to make us happy. They are my miracle sent from heaven and I love to refer anyone I can.

Lakshmi, mother of two current patients

My son, Vignesh, plays basketball and he started missing the ball often. We had his eyes examined and found out he was nearsighted and needed glasses. He did NOT want to wear glasses, so our eye doctor referred us to Myopicare.

Initially, I was skeptical and asked a lot of questions. A lot. The staff and doctors at Myopicare were very open to my questions and gave very clear and scientific information which made me feel comfortable. They always included Vignesh and wanted his opinions. He no longer wears glasses and his basketball has greatly improved.


I’m extremely satisfied with the CRT program. I’ve been wearing CRT lenses at night for several years now, and I’m as in love with the program as I was in the beginning. It’s safe, reliable, painless and most of all, so convenient. No more clunky glasses to carry around at the movies, in class, on the track. I now enjoy perfect vision all day, every day (as long as you keep a stable cycle going)! The only thing you need to be successful on the program is discipline. Once you commit to wearing the lenses every night, you won’t look back. Perfect vision, perfect results, prefect program.


The best thing about CRT is no more forgetting your glasses! I can now see the white board from anywhere in the classroom. I can swim and I can dance without wearing glasses. There is only one word to describe these lenses, fantastic!


Since CRT, life has changed for me. I can do everything I couldn’t do before like dance, marching band, soccer, and PE. I am finally glasses free!


I have no desire to do Lasik, so the CRTs were the perfect program for me. I’m seeing 20/20 throughout the day and into the evening. Sometimes I can go 2 days without my CRT’s and I am still able to see clearly. Freedom from contacts and glasses during the day, it doesn’t get any better than that.