Myopia is an Epidemic.

But we’re changing that. A stronger prescription isn’t the only solution to correcting blurry vision.

We offer several services to slow the progression of myopia and match you with the best option.

We’re Taking the Lead

Myopia (or nearsightedness) is a vision condition in which objects nearby are clear but objects that are far away appear blurry or out of focus, and it affects a billion people worldwide—including more than 10 million kids in the United States. Watching a child’s vision deteriorate is one of the scariest things a parent can face.

At Myopicare, our treatment options can slow—or stop—the progression of myopia. The earlier myopia is found and treated, the better the results will be. Researchers say nearly half the global population may be nearsighted by 2050, which is an alarming trend. Our aim is to put an end to the myopia epidemic, and we offer a number of treatments.

Let’s Open Our Eyes

The incidence of childhood myopia has more than doubled in the past 50 years. Time to reverse that epidemic.

Keep Your Kids Unplugged

Heavy computer use puts kids at a higher risk for myopia — and 94% of families have a computer in the home. Time to look away.

Let’s Talk Face to Face

Kids in grades 7-12 spend over 90 minutes per day texting on their smartphones. Time to unplug.

You Need to See the Light

Spending time outdoors in the daylight, whether playing sports or reading at the beach, reduces the risk of childhood myopia. Time to go outside and play.

Schedule a COMPREHENSIVE Screening

The success rate for our nearsighted patients is not measured by numbers alone (like our thousands of satisfied patients), but also by the number of complicated cases we solve after others have said prescription glasses are the only option, and the number of smiles we’re able to put on children’s faces.