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The Life Changing Impact of Ortho-K

Improve your child’s quality of life overnight with overnight contact lenses.

Take a Look Inside Our Glasses-Free Zone

Follow Myopicare patients and watch as they go glasses-free. It’s not magic, it’s science!

What is Myopia?

Learn what causes myopia, the risks and how our Nighttime Lenses are changing lives.

From: Paragon Vision Sciences

Protecting Your Child’s Potential

See how nearsightedness may affect a child’s ability to learn and how Nighttime Lenses reshape their life.

From: Paragon Vision Sciences

Paragon CRT Patient Testimonials

Hear stories from real patients who experience the world in a new way with Nighttime Lenses.

From: Paragon Vision Sciences

Controlling the Epidemic

High myopia has long term consequences. We help myopia from progressing. Watch Dr. Moshe explain.

Moshe Mendelson, OD, F.I.A.O.

Preventing Eye Disease with Myopia Control

What are the effects of nearsightedness? Is it serious? Dr. Johnson has insight.

Jesley Johnson, OD

Early Treatment Impacts Longterm Vision

How do we treat myopia? Dr. Jackson teaches us how technology effectively improves vision.

Jackson Lau, OD, FAAO, FSLS

Life Changing Nighttime Lenses

What does going glasses-free really mean? Dr. Wu shares personal and professional experience.

Kevin Wu, OD